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The Rabbi and the Reverend



16 AM and FM Simulcast stations covering 13 markets

Reaches 29 MM; 8.5% of the US Population weekly

Heard in 3 of the Top 10 Markets

6 of the Top 20 Markets

7 of the Top 50 Markets

8 of the Top 75 Markets



The Rabbi and The Reverend are Rabbi Daniel Cohen and Reverend Greg Doll. Two religions and two sometimes different approaches to everyday life, this one-hour program is a free-flowing, lighthearted conversation mixed with humor and wisdom on faith, family, life, sports and spirituality, courageous life choices, and current events.  Beyond sharing both common and varying approaches in their faiths, the Rabbi and Reverend draw on their decades of personal and professional experience to inspire you with timeless touchstones for life.  The show is syndicated in Chicago WCGO, Atlanta WXKG, Boston WCAP, Seattle KKNW, Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa Bay WWPR, Cleveland WINT, thirteen stations nationwide, 3 of Top Ten Markets reaching 7.5% total population of the country and over 26 million people. 

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